Tuesday, September 6, 2016

 "And now we pause from our regularly scheduled YA reviews to present --- "

The Worst Breakfast by China Miéville; illustrated by Zak Smith.
I was so excited to see that China Miéville had written a picture book! And what a book it is! As one sister says, "I'm worried, little sis! something's amiss." And thing amiss is, of course, breakfast - which might possibly be as bad as the WORST breakfast ever - burned toast, underdone eggs, sausages, bacon, porridge, baked beans, tomatoes... What? You don't eat baked beans and tomatoes with YOUR breakfast? Yes - this is decidedly breakfast from a UK perspective. But they acknowledge that fact. The illustrations will have you revisiting pages to see what you have missed. Is that a pterodactyl hatching from the eggs? A shoe in the middle of the beans?
I am looking forward to trying this one out as a read-aloud!  Maybe for the LEGO League kids...
Also - I received this as an Advanced Copy from Library Thing via Katie Martinez at Akashic Books. Thank you!

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